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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  December 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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trenton, 64 in dover. wildwood 64 degrees. and to the north and west a little cooler but still pretty mild with high temperatures in the upper 50's even mount pocono 55. as we look at december so far the first 11 days of the month every day we've had temperatures above normal and for the month so far we're running seven and a half degrees above normal and that number will only increase especially after the upcoming weekend. satellite and radar we've had some high clouds at times throughout the day. you can see the brighter white clouds around philadelphia so it's to the south and southern new jersey delaware where you see less clouds there. that's why we're around 63 to 65 degrees in the southern areas this afternoon. and take a look at the warmth. basically flooding the eastern half the country. chicago 50 degrees. saint louis 61, memphis 76. atlanta 72. and raleigh in the last hour was 71. it's backed off to 69 but that warmth continues to pull in from the south and west.
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so, for that army-navy game we're expecting record temperatures during the kickoff of 66 degrees with very light southwesterly winds. fourth quarter 61 but you will notice a lot of high clouds both saturday and sunday so it's not a bright blue sunny day despite how warm it will be. in fact the records we're watching philadelphia, allentown and wilmington, those records should be tied or broken. trenton and atlantic city might be a far reach to get to 67 here on saturday. but we'll be flirting with 70 degrees and brian, we've also extended the a60-degree days in that seven-day forecast. we'll show you all those numbers in a little bit. >> adam see you shortly. thank you. all these temperatures have been a holiday gift for people walking through the city doing some shopping or lacing up their skates. "action news" reporter katherine scott continues our live coverage today. she's live in love park this afternoon and a lot of love for being outside katherine. >> reporter: a lot of love, brian.
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we're at the christmas village in love park and for a lot of people this is annual tradition. they're coming every year whether it's warm or cold but a lot of people chose to make their annual trip today because it was so mild outside. that means they can walk around take a leisurely stroll around sample some malt wine, check out the booze and not have to worry about the cold chilling them out. a perfect swirl of whipped cream for your hot chocolate, plenty of winter clothes to brous but there's something a little different today at the christmas village love park. the temperatures are about 20 degrees higher than normal. >> it's a lot warmer today than usual. last year it was freezing so i'm wearing my heavy jacket and i wasn't really expecting it to be as warm as it is. >> it's a lot nicer to stroll around and have a look and take your time and look at everything instead of just like rushing through there because it's so cold. >> reporter: and the mild temperatures were drawing crowds from the time the village opened. a traditional german market to give shoppers a taste of europe along with their
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christmas spirit. spirit. >> normal technological i have everything you can find. >> reporter: but today not so much. >> no, today it's really nice. >> reporter: across the way at city hall skaters swirled around the rink at dillworth park a winter scene without the winter weather. sure the ice always feels cold when you get too close but at least it was warm enough to ditch your coat. >> i'm hot. i'm sweating 'cause i'm trying to skate. i'm trying keep up with him. he's too good. >> reporter: what's making people especially happy is that this weather isn't just a one day special. fans have been arriving in town for the army-navy game tomorrow. they're so used to be bundled up these temperatures made it hard to pack bought lot easier to stay for the end of the game. >> just layers and layers endure the cold. >> reporter: tomorrow it's going to be in the mid 60's. >> yeah. that's unusual. >> reporter: any complaints or you like it. >> absolutely not.
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>> reporter: and i'm sure there are those out there who want it to be cold to make it feel more like the holidays but we haven't found them yet today. today people are out, they're enjoying it and they he expect to see crowds today here at christmas village until it closes at 8 o'clock this evening. we're live in love park, katherine scott channel6 "action news." alicia. >> katherine thank you. and i do have a lot of shopping left to do so maybe i'll get out there myself. you mention they had big show down tomorrow between the army and navy at lincoln financial field. it is the 116th matchup between the two military branches and the cadets and midshipmen have been taking part in some friendly and of course competitive fun around philadelphia today. starting with the rocky run outside the philadelphia museum of art. >> ♪ this rocky look alike led them in a relay under famous steps. strength and speed were tester but in the end only the victorious navy were able to
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say yo', i did it. >> army, army. >> pull-up challenge. there was music cheerleaders of course at the official pep rally and the cadets and mids attempting to complete as many pull-ups as possible. in the end the army took this one. both branches saying they love these friendly faceoffs. >> it's incredible because we're together 364 days a year and that one day we're divided but we're still brother and sisters. >> the huge rivalry attracted the attention of espn's college game day. the two hour show will broadcast tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. a.m. from x-finity live in philadelphia. this is the 86th time philly is hosting this historic rivalry. should be a great game. >> yeah, that's pretty cool. did you hear adam and brian want to have a faceoff. >> pull-ups. >> yeah, pull-ups.
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all right, meanwhile don't expect to see ads for daily fantasy sites during the college football playoffs. espn has agreed not to run commercials for fan dual and draft kings during broadcasts of the games. the ncaa and several athletic conferences have asked the companies to stop offering college versions of the games because they consider them gambling. a judge ruled today the sites cannot operate in new york until courts decide if the services are legal. >> getting my pull-up arms ready, sharrie. now to a look at the closing numbers on wall street today. as you can see we end in red arrows across-the-board the dow down 310 points, the nasdaq off 112 points, the s & p down basically 40 points on the day. i want to zero in on one stock in particular here in the dow. it is this, dupont new more
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and company. the combined company will be called dow dupont and will have -- the restructure will have a huge impact on thousands of people in our area who work for both of those companies. vernon odom working out of our delaware news room today live on dupont campus in wilmington. vern, you've got the details. >> reporter: brian, this merger is targeted for completion sometime late next year. there will be a lot of nerves on etch for months now as thousands wait for the fallout on job ha losses that are imminent. experts say dow would be the dominant company. dupont says they'll be cutting their global workforce by 10 percent with 7,000 employees near delaware, a company spokesman says there will be an impact here in the first state. dow has 500 employees in delaware. association streamlining and cutting duplication will assuredly mean a major unspecified loss of jobs here. >> but there will certainly be
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an impact on those workers and families in delaware and we he in the state are here to support them. >> reporter: dupont and dow have maid major footprints all across our region from delaware to new jersey, to philadelphia and its suburbs. this $130 billion chemical giant deal would combine two companies that sell agricultural products worldwide and make chemicals for consumer and industrial products ranging from electronics to automobiles household goods to building materials and safety equipment. after the proposed merger dow dupont as it would be called will then split into three independent publically traded companies. >> for many years dupont was such a paternalistic and many people worked there their entire life. my husband worked there his entire career and i have many friends who had similar experiences so we assumed of course that this was the rock and now we can't assume that anymore.
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>> reporter: sharrie, this merger must still be approved by several agencies in washington. these two high powered companies have lots of high powered lobbyists to pave the way. live in wilmington, delaware, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> big business news. okay, vernon, thank you. it is time for the "action news" traffic report. >> let's kick it off friday afternoon matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. how we looking matt. >> speeds were way dow when i spoke with you right here along 95. southbound lanes we had that awful accident involving an overturned vehicle right here in the work zone by cottman avenue. you can see this afternoon we're doing much better and at the moment southbound there's no delay here at cottman. little bit of slowing further south as you get toward girard and northbound is already backing up with speeds in the teens there by the betsy ross bridge. nearby richmond street was supposed to open just about 10 minutes ago. didn't happen and now we're hearing that it's going to remain closed for construction
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associated to the 95 project all weekend long. now richmond street is scheduled to reopen at 6 o'clock monday evening so that one is going to be with us for a little while longer. busy friday afternoon as always over on the schuylkill expressway. 16 miles per hour there on the westbound side. in cherry hill township watching some downed wires that are shutting down greentree road this afternoon. huntingdon drive a possible local alternate and several issues in delaware in newspaper newport an accident on the ramp from 141 northbound to route four old capitol trail westbound is blocked because of a gas main break. an overturned truck on 95 northbound approaching 896. let's do the commuter report on this friday afternoon. happy friday. in the same neck of the woods heavy traffic on the routes around 95 because of that overturned truck in the northbound lanes near 896. we'll keep tabs on that and all the other issues, brian and sharrie, in the next half hour. >> all right, very good, matt. thank you. >> still ahead, more protests in chicago and today we heard from the family of the
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teenager whose death set off all of the demonstrations. >> plus, we've got the latest on the investigation into the san bernadino shooting. we have new details about what brought investigators to the bottom of a california lake. >> and we continue our look behind the scenes of "star wars the force awakens." today we talked to the actors behind some of the more mysterious characters in the new movie. >> ♪
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>> the family of a blac teenager who was killed by a white chicago police officer thanked the public today for demanding justice and change. laquan mcdonald was shot 16 times last year by officer jason van dyk who is now charged with first degree murder. dashcam video released last month does not support his claim that mcdonald acted aggressively before he was shot and killed. protesters allege a coverup and have demanded the resignation of mayor rahm emanuel and cook county state's attorney anita
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alvarez. this afternoon mcdonald's uncle said change is needed on a national level as well. >> i think change needs to start from the top down. because what we're feeling in chicago is -- is the real feeling of america in itself and that is injustice towards people of color. >> the justice department has launched a federal civil rights probe into the entire chicago police department. >> the fbi has resumed searching a lake near the site that of mass shooting in san bernadino, california. investigators now believe syed farook and tashfeen malik may have dropped a computer hard drive into the water before they were killed in a shootout with police. authorities still have not determined if their attack was directed by isis. they're also questioning enrique marquez, the former neighbor accused of supplying the rifles used in last week's shooting. philadelphia's superintendent of schools is sticking around for five more years. the school reform commission announced the extension today
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for dr. william hite. hite has been in charge of the district since 2012 under the new deal his base pay of $300,000 will stay the same but the performance bonuses will be removed. this contract says hite can only get a raise if district teachers get one as well and his raise would be the same rate as theirs. >> we are just a week away from the release of "star wars the force awakens" and all this week we've been bringing you an inside look at the movie from the eyes of the people who made it. well, today we hear from actors playing some of the more mysterious roles in the movie. here's "action news" anchor matt o'donnell. >> this oscar winner is now hanging out with r2 d-2 and 3c p.o. lupita nyong'o. >> so she's a pirate we know that. >> many uh-huh. >> anything else you can paint a picture for us.
4:17 pm
>> she owns a bar. >> a canteena. >> your word not mine. you can say that. >> okay. >> and yeah, that's about it. >> oscar isaac puts on the flight suit to portray the x wing fighter pilot p.o. he appears to play a crucial part in the plot which to date largely remains a mystery. so, po is a good pilot i hear. >> no. he's the best pilot. >> ♪ >> a little han solo in him do you think. >> he's his own man. i think he's -- he has a problem with authority, he's a bit rebellious but he's completely committed to the resift tans. he believe believes believe bele >> i can tell that you she is the captain of the storm
4:18 pm
troopers. i can tell you that she is a member of the first order and a member of the dark side. i can also tell you that she is is acharacter ooh. >> i have reserved my own tickets to seat force awakens. matt o'donnell, channel6 "action news." >> and in case you missed matt's wookiee impression -- >> yes. >> -- as performed for harrison ford you can find that online as well. >> classic. >> yeah we want to mention that of course star wars is owned by disney also the parent company of 6abc. time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> and we like it. let's head over to adam joseph with a look at what we can expect of the weekend adam. >> travelers are liking it especially in the month of december. we're not talking about any big storms. we're looking at sky6 live at philadelphia international airport. a few high clouds and some low clouds especially this morning with that fog and the sun kind of fighting some of that moisture above at a but at least no rainfall whatsoever. as we go through the stretch
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of december 11th through the 13th, that's today through sunday, last year temperatures ran about three to 8 degrees below normal for this upcoming weekend and we had about a tenth of an inch of snow so there was some tricky travel. you speed it up to a year and this weekend we're tracking temperatures 14 to 23 he degrees above normal. no snow whatsoever. what we're only tracking is some record-high temperatures. right now it's 59 in philadelphia, 59 in wilmington. still 62 in dover, 60 millville and the lehigh valley your temperature coming in at 56 degrees. we had the fog this morning and then the sunshine kind of broke through the cloud cover and then the clouds took over again so it's been kind of a mix all day long and as you look to the west, even though high pressure is in control, it's a dirty high meaning we have a lot of high clouds that will be streaming through the upcoming weekend so despite record temperatures and warmth, we're not going to have that bright sunshine both saturday and sunday. so, stars and clouds tonight,
4:20 pm
patchy fog will develop once again, 48 philadelphia, 39 allentown, 46 in dover and cape may at 48 degrees. if you want to hit the local playgrounds, the perfect timing is always between about 11 and 3 o'clock. that's when we'll be in the 60's. in fact 66 by 3:00. again a few breaks of sun through that high cloud cover and a very light wind so no wind chills obviously whatsoever. as we look at the near record highs across the area tomorrow we're projecting records for wilmington and philadelphia. the rest of the region no records but still very warm. 62 allentown, 66 millville, 65 in dover and if you're heading to the shore, a lot of clouds but temperatures also there in the low 60's. also we have an inversion meaning that the atmosphere is kind of trapped right now without any wind so all of the pollutants are kind of stuck at the surface so tomorrow we do have an air quality alert with a fine particle action day so if you're sensitive to air pollution, level want to maybe limit the outdoor activities tomorrow.
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your four day at 4:00 forecast. take a look at it savor it and enjoy it. 66 degrees with record warmth tomorrow. again a lot of high clouds all weekend but still record warmth on sunday, 68. more records monday, 70 degrees with some afternoon rain and windy but still mild, 64 now on tuesday. that is your cooldown, 64 degrees. we'll slow you the seven-day with more 60's in the next half hour. >> wow. >> unreal. >> really is. >> thanks adam. >> still ahead a neighborhood without a supermarket gets a new place to shop today but owners are hoping this one has a bit of a global feel that will bring in people from across the region. >> and coming up at 4:30 a run away pet ends up caught in a storm drain and the action cam was right there for the rescue and the reunion. >> and some parents catching some heat for believing that getting their kids sick is safer than getting them vaccinated. we'll tell you about the chicken pox parties causing some controversies in big talkers.
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>> ♪ >> from our delaware news room a wilmington neighborhood has a new grocery store today. the seven day farmers market opened on the 3900 block of lancaster pike right where the pathmark used to be. the store actually hired back many of the workers who lost their jobs when that pathmark closed. the manager says in addition to fresh produce and other groceries, this store will focus on international and ethnic foods. >> tonight a magical holiday performance is coming back to the academy of music. >> ♪ love that. the pennsylvania ballet just had a dress hee rehearsal for the nutcracker before the curtains rise at 7:00 p.m. 1500 philadelphia students were invited to the show today as part of the community engagement program to open up new worlds for local kids. meanwhile the philly phanatic helped bring holiday spirit to people who could use a boost in west philadelphia.
4:26 pm
santa claus visited the people's emergency center which serves homeless women and their children. each year the phillies get a holiday wish list from that shelter and today the phanatic and phillies executives delivered about 650 presents to make those wishes come true. >> people waiting for an organ transplant and people who have already received one came together to share their stories today. einstein's center for organ disease and transplantation in northeast philadelphia hosted its annual patient education day. living donors and recipients spoke to the group. it was touching and lively at the event as there was a dj and food. about 100 patients and their families were there. state officials in new jersey are out to make children smile this holiday season. staff members from the department of environmental protection delivered brand new bicycles and bags full of presents to the salvation army core in trenton. the visit is part of governor christie's annual
4:27 pm
season of service campaign to provide for state residents in need during the holidays. >> i sit down with the wife of eagles fanny standout darren sproles to hear about their efforts to help philadelphia throughout their charity. >> police in south jersey arrest two women for allegedly setting a home on fire last night. the twist, the home belonged to their family members. why officials say kidnapping was the motive here. >> ♪ it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. 4:30 now and "action news" continues at the recent one northeast philadelphia man says the city recycling truck deliberately demolished its 2022-foot tall tree of lights. >> plus one caught on camera grinch to another but this christmas tree wasn't destroyed it was dragged down a north philadelphia street by a thief ornaments and all. we'll hear from the owner coming up. >> and later chicken pox, two words that send shivers down a parents' spine. that's why it's so hard to believe that some moms and dads are intentionally exposing their kids to that virus. why they say it's better for their kids to get sick than get a shot. >> we begin with a devastating one-two punch for a gloucester county family. last night their washington township home was destroyed by fire and today another blow. they not only learned that the
4:30 pm
blaze wasn't an accident, they learned that two members of their own family are accused of setting it. "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltzman is live in washington township with the latest on this story. wendy. >> reporter: sharrie, devastating is the right word. you can take a look at the shell of the house that's left behind me. the gloucester county prosecutor's office says they have now charged 32-year-old lynette mcguire and her 33-year-old cousin with arson and kidnapping saying that they tried to burn down this house while m mcguire's own children were living inside. flames engulfed the fire and living room of this washington township new jersey home last night. >> it was extreme. it was like instantaneous. >> reporter: today the details of the cause of the fire are being released to "action news." >> they started a fire as a pretext to run into the house and tell everyone there's a fire and then grab the four children and abduct them.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: brian mcguire tells us the conflict started when child protection awarded his daughter's four kids to mcguire and his wife. their daughter and her cousin then allegedly stormed the house to take the children. >> i looked out and it was my daughter saying get my kids out of the house. i want my kids out of the house and just started freaking out and then forced her way in. >> reporter: the four kids ages three through 14 were inside. >> the grandparents had custody of the four children due to allegations of abuse by the mother and father of these four children. >> reporter: mcguire's daughter moved to new jersey about a year and a half ago. >> our daughter came up from florida and then it was hell on earth. >> reporter: lynette mcguire and her cousin denise coyle are now behind bars charged with arson and the kidnapping of the youngest girl. >> denise, the cousin, grabbed the youngest, we call her genesee and put her in the
4:32 pm
carly they kidnapped her. >> thankfully washington township police stopped the vehicle approximately 1 mile from the road down the road and they were able to get the child out, arrest the two suspects. >> reporter: when asked what is the fate of his daughter now, he answers just one word. >> nothing, nothing at all. >> reporter: the family also had a dog and a cat, two turtles and a bird. they all made it out safely except one turtle. the other turtle is on the loose somewhere in the neighborhood. now the family has an -- hasn't asked for anything but the neighborhood has come together to support them and help give them some basic necessities. serve pro is out here giving them free cleanup for this fire. of course now they'll likely need a lot of help as they start rebuilding. both of those accused could spend up to 20 years in prison. live in washington township, i'm wendy saltzman, channel6 "action news." >> wendy thank you. well, this is a beloved
4:33 pm
christmas decoration there has brought joy to a northeast philadelphia neighborhood and all the kids there for many years. but this christmas tree display on oak drive hand crafted with roughly 2400 lights standing 22 feet tall all the way up to the star right there is now sitting in shreds at a trash yard. josh morell posted this video he on the 6abc "action news" facebook page. watch here as a city recyclely truck ripped down the tree yesterday afternoon backing up into it a few times damaging it and then you see the drivers just tossed the remains into the back of the truck. there they go. morell narrates the replay of the surveillance video. he says the drivers deliberately steer right onto the island to ensure what he calls maximum destruction. >> now he's going cut that wheel hard and ride right up on top that of circle. it's going all over and now the damage has been done and they say zero well.
4:34 pm
>> now their neighbor chased down the truck but says the driver denied any responsibility here. so neighbors filed a complaint with the sanitation streets department and supervisors took a look at that video. the chief of operations visited us here at the studio today. he apologized calling the incident an unfortunate accident. >> it wasn't intentional it was just a guy trying to collect the trash and the decorations were lower than the -- than the height of the truck. guys tried to correct the mistake. the only thing was they didn't report it timely to their supervisor. i apologize for that. >> now t-he also says because the tree was on communal property the driver couldn't identify the owner so now that that claim has been filed the city says it will reimburse morell for the damage but for now this is no longer in this neighborhood but in that recycling yard. brian. >> all right, but they're calling it an accident. >> that's right. >> alicia, thanks very much. a north philadelphia business owner also has to
4:35 pm
replace his christmas tree but his wasn't destroyed. it was stolen. this is surveillance video from outside eatable delights catering on the 2300 block of ridge avenue wednesday night. you can see a man walking to and from the christmas tree several times casually unhooking it from the wall with each pass. well, after a few minutes the thief knocks the tree down, dragging the entire thing across the street decorations and all. owner david sims says he will not let the actions of a grinch get him down. >> we will not allow this minor setback to kill the spirit. the spirit of what eatable delights does, the spirit of the community, who i. as a person. i grew up in new york city and i just wanted to bring rockefeller center to ridge avenue. >> sims says he plans to put up another christmas tree right there same spot as soon as possible. how about if it's not your christmas tree, don't touch it. >> i know. >> leave it alone but you know what something tells me a tree will be back in that spot.
4:36 pm
>> maybe more than one. >> some of the trees may be budding if this continues. >> i think some of them are, you know, some of the crocuses are coming up and the daffodils are trying to rise. it's pretty bizarre out there this december. as we take a live look right now at sky6 in cape may we've got a couple of folks there chatting it up on the ocean side. 56 degrees. they're talking about how great the weather is. 50 is your dewpoint. the winds calm and the water temperature running about a month and ahead of schedule. it should be 51 in november, not december and penn's landing the river rink, man, they've got to crank it up to try to keep that from melting. 59 degrees your air temperature. the dewpoint 48 and winds out of the southwest at 6 miles an hour and in camelback i think they have a better go at trying to open the water park this weekend instead of the slopes. 54 degrees with no snow anywhere up towards the poconos and beyond with a temperature in the 50's there. we'll talk about the record heat this weekend and just how long it's going to last coming up in that seven-day forecast.
4:37 pm
>> it just keeps going and going. adam thank you. >> thank you. one philadelphia school started a new tradition today. southwest leadership academy hosted its first ever kwanzaa market. now the students created educational symbols and necklaces. many of these kids already celebrate at home so this was a chance for them to learn more about the recent kwanzaa, to reconnect african-americans with their heritage. >> a new workout being used by hollywood stars promises big changes to your body in just one month. "action news" anchor rick williams live in the news room to explain this one and rick, i know you want the details on this, right? >> i already have the details. in fact i might just try it. you never know, sharrie. probably not called the mega former and there is a fitness studio in philadelphia offering right now the former. now take a look. it's a system of a moving platform with springs, handles, straps and cables. the machine works the entire body and our own ali gorman gave it a try.
4:38 pm
coming up at 5 o'clock in health check she tells us what she thinks about it and also which celebrity used the exercise to get her body ready for her upcoming wedding day. also coming up at 5:00 tonight business is booming for a new jersey company that makes have very popular brand of pork roll. we will show it to you. we got you covered. little bit of exercise, little bit of eating, everything in between. that and much more when we see you on "action news" beginning at 5:00. back to you guys. >> i was going to say get your pork roll and then get your meg mega former. thank you rick. no one left empty handled from the 19th police district holiday party in west philadelphia today. the young guests were invited to enjoy arts and crafts, tasty snacks and even a visit from the big guy santa claus and every single child is given a smart watch of their very own. the district paid for them with donations from officers and various local businesses. >> well, eagles fans, they know all about number 43. they know what he can do on sundays but off the field
4:39 pm
darren sproles is a family man hoping to help other families. he and his wife michelle are relatively new to the delaware valley and they are ready to jump start their charity efforts right here. i sat down with michelle to talk about their foundation and their first big fundraiser coming up on monday. >> darren and i both come from humble beginnings so we wanted to, you know, just do something to give back. >> michelle sproles is making it her mission to help those around her. she's the wife of eagles running back darren sproles and together they want to make a positive difference right here in philadelphia where they work and live. she and darren created the sproles empowered youth foundation back in 2012. in three short years they've helped young people and families across the country from san diego to new orleans and in darren's home state of kansas. the foundation has football camps for the boys and fitness classes for the girls but their work goes beyond that. teaching the kids important life skills, like preparing
4:40 pm
for college, how to build a resume, applying for a job and managing money. >> i think giving back is -- is extremely important. to be able to give back and speak to these kids and get to know them and, you know, really try to encourage them is just really important to both darren and i. >> driven known for his speedy explosive moves on the field but now the couple wants the delaware valley to know there's more to them. they're kicking off their efforts with a benefit called drinks and dialogue. the event is this monday at fine palate a gourmet restaurant in center city. >> we just want people to come out and, you know, network and have a good time and really get to know these guys in a more intermate setting. >> it should be fun. the event is monday evening at fine palate restaurant and i'll be there as the emcee of the event and there are some awesome items up for auction. a trip to paris, pro bowl tickets, super bowl tickets and jerseys signed by the players. money raised at this event, brian, will go to help the youth in the philadelphia area
4:41 pm
and we will post the info for ticket information on our web site >> what a great effort and they seem like a wonderful couple. >> nice couple, yes. >> awesome. good conversation. sharrie, thank you. a delaware cat owes one of its nine lives to some dedicated first responders. the action cam was on scene in elsmere as firefighters work to rescue the kitty from a rather tight spot. the house pet apparently escaped when her owner opened the door this morning. maybe because it was such a nice day out decided to proceed straight outside into a storm drain. when the homeowner discovered she couldn't free her cat she rushed to the fire department still wearing her pajamas. as you see crews us is sold to the scene lifted the gate maneuvered down into that drain and pulled the cat to safety. the calico then reunited with her grateful and pajama-clad owner. >> firefighters to the rescue. >> you got it. >> yeah. still ahead from a photo with santa for fido to a super charged fitness class just for you, we have five deals there
4:42 pm
are 100 percent off on this freebie friday. >> plus it may not be illegal to intentionally expose your child to chicken pox but is it right? why some parents say they'd rather get their kids sick than get them a shot. >> and meteorologist adam joseph, he'll be back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news at 4:00 on a friday comes back. >> all right.
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4:44 pm
>> big talkers now and in north texas big controversy over a rising trend among parents who do not want to vaccinate their children. they're hosting what they call chicken pox parties. amanda wit is among a number of parents who believe it's safer for their kids to actually contract the chicken pox than to get the vaccination for it. so the moms are spreading the word on facebook to spread the virus at organized play dates. critics are going wild with this one. one even sent child protective services to one of those organized events but these moms insist that this is a personal decision and that they are not breaking the law.
4:45 pm
>> there hasn't been any law broken. chicken pox parties are not considered dangerous. >> while a parent has never been prosecuted for something like this, it is possible especially if a child gets seriously ill or even dies after attending one of these chicken pox parties. okay. if you've ever seen incredibly lit seemingly staged photos where life seems to imitate art on instagram and wonder does she have a professional photographer following her around chances are she has an instagram husband, you know, the guys who spend their days taking thousands of pictures for the wives who want to instagram literally everything. i might be guilty of this. these guys now banding together in a hilariously accurate video that's going viral. >> we used to eat our food. now we just take pictures of it. >> no. you can't do that.
4:46 pm
i haven't taken a shot that of yet. >> these guys all posted their confessions on the instagram husbands web site. this guy knows all too well about the food that sits there for eight minutes and gets cold before they can eat. his wife makes him take pictures of her while she's sleeping and this one says this is what your face looks like when your wife makes you put your corgie on top of the record player for a picture. if you're not sure whether you are actually an instagram husband they have a pretty funny quiz to help you figure that out and a tongue in cheek rehab program for you. if you would like to join the support group we've poster this video on our web site. >> i totally get it. i want perfect pictures, too. >> i get it. my husband may have to join. >> you can't take a bad picture. >> thank you. >> let's check in with matt pelman and see how things are moving. hey matt. >> my instagram followers usually get half eaten
4:47 pm
sandwiches. several bites and i guess i should take a picture of this. we're live along 95. remember how last time around i said hey things are moving much better than this morning southbound on 95 approaching cottman. right after that there was a crash and here it is in the work zone. penndot just pulled up on the scene. it's knocking outer the left lane so we're not moving so well any more. southbound is a parking lot from woodhaven through this point approaching cottman avenue as you enter the work zone in northeast philadelphia f also have a bad crash this afternoon in souderton montgomery county and it's shutting down harleysville park 113 near reliance road. i would stay on reliance to get around that. in upper dublin a crash along welsh road near twine road. little bit avenue better reason for a closure here in collingswood. tonight is the parade of lights if 7:30 to 9:00 so haddon avenue will close this evening. stick with the white horse pike route 30 to get around that. in cherry hill watch ought for dopped wires closing down greentree road close to springdale road. 70 or huntingdon drive is another local alternate n
4:48 pm
voorhees a crash involving a pedestrian along burnt mill road at white horse road with typical slowing there on southbound 295. we'll check it again show you some more undesirable shots brian and sharrie in the 5 o'clock hour. >> all right, thank you very much. meteorologist adam joseph with something very desirable for those who love warm weather. he's got the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next.
4:49 pm
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>> meteorologist adam joseph crunching the numbers, he's revised the accuweather forecast and made it impossiblely warmer. >> longer. yeah, we've kind of stretched out the 60's into next week so pretty remarkable here and some folks are saying okay, enough is enough. let it start to feel like the holiday season but not in the next seven days. as we take a look right now at double scan live radar we've had a decent amount of clouds through much of the day today.
4:51 pm
we had the fog this morning and then the sunshine brokeback out and then the high clouds moved in during the late morning into the afternoon but despite the clouds we still topped off at 61 degrees in philadelphia. well above that normal of 46. the low this morning 42. above that normal of 31 and the record today was 4 degrees shy degrees, 4 degrees lier in 1961 it was 65 degrees. 57 in trenton, still 60 for millville 62 dover and even at the shore you're heading there this week it's going to be great despite high clouds, down there also going to be in the mid and upper 60's. we look to the west. you can see all of the cloud cover, no precipitation but a lot of clouds and all this is working in from the west so it's not going to be a bright sunny weekend. we're going to deal with some of these high clouds but despite that it is still going to be exceptionally warm. so stars and clouds tonight
4:52 pm
some patchy fog developing after midnight. 39 to 49 degrees. the warm front lifts way to the north we're in the warm sector meaning records are likely everywhere south of this front with temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees above average. here are the numbers with the clouds on saturday morning. we're already in the 50's across much of the area. first thing tomorrow morning. heading into the mid 60's for most of us but there you can see a lot of those high clouds during the afternoon. 33 continue into saturday night and sunday morning. a lot of cloud cover but we're already at 56 degrees sunday at 8 o'clock in the morning and then by sunday afternoon, spiking into the mid and even some upper 60's again with those high clouds around. association the eagles forecast for your sunday, record warmth with temperatures that at kickoff 55. 67 in the fourth quarter with some very light winds. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecasts records this weekend, 66 to 68 degrees and
4:53 pm
you may say, okay, let's compare this. how above normal it is. that 68 on sunday, the normal is 45. it's about 23 degrees above normal. if this same air mass came in july when our normal is 87 we would be forecasting a high of 110 degrees. that's how rare this is and as we look at the beyond that, monday 70 with more records afternoon rain and we stay in the 60's with sun on tuesday and wednesday and eventually it cools back down after some rain thursday on friday to 49 degrees which is actually still above normal for this time of year. >> and i see the freezing mark on there, too, which i don't think we've hit yet. >> we lot one time, that's it. >> just once. >> yikes. >> adam thank you. freebie friday is coming up next.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
happy freebie friday. let's start with a head start on that new year's resolution if this is what you want to do. cycling studio in manayunk opened a brand new location in phoenixville. to celebrate they're walking a free barr indoor cycling or spin and sculpt class for new clients. to get a head start if you're looking to slim down for the new year. santa pause is back at the pal omar. bring you pup and they can get a free picture with santa. also enjoy treats like hot chocolate and homemade cookies and pet themed swag bags. it's free but they're accepting donations for a local no kill shelter. and speaking of festive, this should be incredible. tomorrow east passyunk becomes arctic avenue. a neighborhood wide winter festival with live ice sculpture carvings at more than 40 locations also lots of freebies. that's tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. speaking of treats tomorrow k-mart is giving away free popcorn to kids under the age of 12 at participating stores
4:57 pm
and finally, a very fun stocking stuff for the diyer or decorator in your life value mag offering a free one year subscription to dwell magazine. all the details on value great weekend. >> you two. that will do it for "action news at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> see you tonight.
4:58 pm
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> we're just about halfway through december but it sure feels like spring. the warm weather trend continues into the weekend so any outdoor plans you have like holiday shopping will certainly be pleasant. friday night the big story on "action news" is the chance for record temperatures this weekend. >> also fans heading to the eagles game on sunday can leave their coats at home maybe even wear shorts. >> wow. >> meteorologist cecily tynan is outside tonight with the accuweather details. cecily everyone talking about how warm it is. no complaints from my end. what about yours. >> rick and monica i'm not
5:00 pm
complaining. some people say it doesn't feel like the holiday season. it feels more like spring. take a look at these temperatures. the lie in philadelphi high in a 61 degrees, about 15 degrees above normal. wilmington and millville even warmer, 62. dover 64 degrees. sea isle city 64. areas to the south saw more sunshine. more clouds to the north and west. allentown 58 and reading 59 degrees and this continues the trend of our warm december weather. every single day so far this month has been above average. temperatures averaging seven and a half degrees above normal this month. and that will be shooting up as we head through the weekend. now, satellite6 along with action radar showing why we didn't get to the record highs today. we had the sunshine early but then the clouds rolling in in the afternoon. when we get the peak heating of the day. so, that's why temperatures were 4 degrees shy of the record high but we will be warming up as we head through the weekend. you can see areas to our


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